Monday, 7 May 2012

Met Gala

Well its that time of year again when the worlds most beautiful A-Listers hit the red carpet for the Annual Met Gala! With tickets starting at just $5000 (good lord) and reaching upto $15000... I don't think I'll be attending next years Met Gala haha but I'll be the one creeping as close as possible to the red carpet trying to get photos!
As always, there are hits and misses on the red carpet so I've posted my favourites.....and can I just say, I am getting more and more obsessed with Amber Heard! Posing with Zac Posen (pun intended) she is absolutely stunning!! I love everything about her strapless mauve dress, makeup, hair...exactly what I would wear to the Met Gala (in my dreams) so I've added a few more photos of her! Enjoy!
Xx Courtney xX
p.s Vera Wang eat a cheese burger!

Sunday, 6 May 2012


So this week I'm stuck indoors.....I got my wisdom teeth removed...ouch! So I currently resemble a chipmunk!
This post is all the things that are making me smile....and all the things I wish I was eating! Don't get me wrong, ice cream, jelly and custard are all good for a while but not for breakfast lunch and dinner, 7 days a week! I WANT A BIG MAC ASAP!
Hope your week is starting off better than mine!
Xx Courtney xX

Friday, 4 May 2012

Obsession Confession

Happy Saturday peeps! My obsession with Isabel Marant and tie dye is still going strong and isn't going anywhere for a while! However I do have a few new additions to my wardrobe that have become an obsession of mine also. My mum has been very generous over the last few weeks (I think its sinking in that I will be living in New York for a year) I came home to an Yves Saint Laurent arty ring 2 weeks ago that I have wanted for ever! And some new Sass and Bide jeans, Zara scarf print dress, Staple dress and Stussy panther singlet. Very very spoilt! I recently splurged on the Celine Tshirt and a vintage feather jacket....all very suited to New York I feel! So no more spending for me and back to saving saving saving!! 

Xx Courtney xX

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