Monday, 7 May 2012

Met Gala

Well its that time of year again when the worlds most beautiful A-Listers hit the red carpet for the Annual Met Gala! With tickets starting at just $5000 (good lord) and reaching upto $15000... I don't think I'll be attending next years Met Gala haha but I'll be the one creeping as close as possible to the red carpet trying to get photos!
As always, there are hits and misses on the red carpet so I've posted my favourites.....and can I just say, I am getting more and more obsessed with Amber Heard! Posing with Zac Posen (pun intended) she is absolutely stunning!! I love everything about her strapless mauve dress, makeup, hair...exactly what I would wear to the Met Gala (in my dreams) so I've added a few more photos of her! Enjoy!
Xx Courtney xX
p.s Vera Wang eat a cheese burger!


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